Behavioral Learning Objectives: 

Upon completion of this 17-hour podcast segment, the participant should be able to:

-Understand eating habits and diets that have positive and negative outcomes on health.

-Understand and discuss how to effectively analyze research to make informed recommendations in regards to fad diets and the use of nutritional supplements.

-Understand and discuss food packaging, labeling, and marketing terms and regulations.

   -Understand large bowel diseases and nutritional management.

   -Understand and discuss ideas to provide fuel in general and for workouts.

   -Understand body size measurements and the relationship between size and health.

   -Understand eating habits and lifestyle choices that benefit longevity and health.

   -Understand how intuitive eating fosters a positive relationship with food.


Suggested Learning Need Codes (LNC):

2000 Science of food and nutrition

4000  Wellness and public health

4060  Exercise, fitness, and sports nutrition

5000 Medical Nutrition Therapy



Suggested Performance Indicators:

8.1.5 Applies medical nutrition therapy in disease prevention and management.

8.2.4 Imparts knowledge of the importance of physical activity and applies behavior change principles to promote physical activity and decrease inactivity.

8.3.6 Keeps abreast of current nutrition and dietetics knowledge and trends.

8.3.7 Integrates new knowledge and skills into practice.

17 CEUs (Episodes 051-076)

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